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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  October 2, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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taken place and currently taking place at the mandalay bay out on the las vegas boulevard south. we experienced an active shooter situation approximately 10:08:00 p.m. tonight, this evening, we had calls come into dispatch of multiple shots being fired from the direction of the mandalay bay towards the route 91 concert taking place on the east side of las vegas boulevard. through investigation and response we determined there was a shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect at that location. he is dead. he has been identified. a local resident. i will not release his name at this time but we are interested in a companion that is traveling with him and her name is -- i will provide you the names
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mary lou dan li. d-a-n-l-y. asian female, 4'11". weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time and we are interested in talking to her for follow-up. two vehicles we need assistance with. hyundai tucson with nevada plate 114 baker 4-0. b-4-0 and a chrysler pacifica touring nevada plate 19 d 401. these are the plates registered to the suspect that we located at the mandalay bay. so there's a couple of things that need to occur at this time. one is the red cross
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responding to the headquarters here at the police department at 400 south martin luther king to receive any phone calls to receive phone calls from family members trying to locate their family that attended the concert and aren't -- unable to contact them. so that number will be established here shortly and get it out to you to publicize it shortly. additionally, anybody that may have cell phone video or any type of video associated with this event that would be of benefit to the investigation, please respond to the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters at 400 south martin luther king and we will take custody of that video so if you have it, you evaluate it and think it would be of benefit, please bring that down to the headquarters. so, family members, if you are unable to call or you do not want to wait for a call and want to respond in person we have set up a family retreat area for you to respond so we can h
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the headquarters. you will be contacted by a police officer and they will direct you to where you need to go. standing with me is special agent in charge of the fbi aaron roush, he is assisting with the investigation which is ongoing then we have fire chief greg castle from clark county fire and they are assisting with all the victims. now, as far as number of victims, i cannot give you an accurate number at this point. we have well in excess of 100 plus injured and excess of 20 plus that have died at this point. so we will get those numbers to you accurately as soon as we can. but please bear with us. this is an ongoing investigation. but we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this event is -- has expired or passed away and is no longer a threat. there has been multiple, multiple phone calls and
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accusations or conjecture coming through social media that there's multiple shooters at other resorts, that has been proven to be false. additionally, there's been accusations or belief there's explosives going off. that is also false. the only explosive contained in this event was from our s.w.a.t. team breaching the room. so please, we are pretty confident that there is no longer a threat other than we are attempting to locate the person of interest. >> was this an act of terrorism? >> no, not at this point. we believe it's a local individual. he resides here locally. i'm not at liberty to give you his place of residence yet because it's an ongoing investigation. we don't know what his belief system was at this time. >> anything -- any motive. >> no, we have no idea. ongoing investigation. it just happened so please bear with us but we have all the forces to
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safety handling the situation. >> you believe he acted alone? >> okay, i'm going to say this one more time. we do not know. it's an ongoing investigation. right now we believe he is the sole aggressor at this point and the scene is static. we are attempting to locate the person of interest. >> first responders -- the safety of first responders? >> yeah, we have -- i have two police officers that are currently at the hospital, one in critical condition, the other one minor injuries. but there are other police officers that were off duty attending the concert that have expired of the we have -- we don't have those individuals identified at this point. >> medics -- >> i don't know that. >> how many people were injured and how many people are dead? >> r
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plus injured and 20 plus dead. okay. i don't want to give you an accurate number because i do not have it at this point. >> right now there are still people on lockdown on the strip. what do you say to people who are afraid right now or what should they do? >> i still want them to shelter in place and will be contacted and advise them when they're free to go. it's better to shelter in place than to be unaware. >> you said there are officers that are died? >> i'm sorry, ma'am. >> officers have died? >> we believe there's a couple off-duty officers attending the concert that may have died. we don't have them identified yet. >> do we know the relationship with the -- >> all i know at this point is they are roommates. >> what kind of weapon was used? >> i can't give you that now. >> do we know if they were -- >> yes, we believe so. >> would you be able to repeat the make and
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>> we are looking for a hyundai tucson unknown color nevada plate 114b40. additionally we're looking for a chrysler pacifica touring unknown color nevada plate 19d401. >> this is obviously a devastating time. what words of comfort do you have for the las vegas residents right now? >> well, it is. it's devastating time and unfortunate and you know we have been talking about active shooters in the past and it's unfortunate it did occur here. but we have responded to the scenery we're doing the best we can to provide safety for the survivors and right now we believe it's a sole actor. a lone wolf type actor and we have the place under control. >> can you provide any details on how he was taken down. >> no, i cannot. all right. thank you very much. we'll do regular briefings and we'll advise you of the schedule as they come forward. thank you.
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>> great deal of information there from sheriff joseph lombardo in las vegas about the shooting which unfolded around 10:08 in las vegas time last night. shaping up to be the worst mass shooting since that shooting at the orlando -- the pulse nightclub back in june 2016. at least 20 dead according to the sheriff. more than 100 injured as well. they believe there was one shooter so far. the sole shooter is dead. he was taken down by police shortly after the shooting began but they're also searching for the shooter's roommate. they say the shooter is a local resident of las vegas. they did not identify the shooter. this was the scene. around 10:0 at the jason aldean concert when the shots began to fire. as you can hear for several seconds the concert went on. absolute panic on the scene. 20 dead. more than 100 injured as we keep
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in brad garrett, the special agent, former fbi special agent as well and did get an awful lot of information right there from the sheriff. one shooter. they believe the shooter is down. not multiple shooters. not explosives being used. they believe he was a local resident and interestingly they also talked about the person of interest. they are now searching for a woman named marilu danley described as an asian woman, 4'11", 111 pounds and hyundai tucson and chrysler pacifica, both with nev da plates they are looking for. so a lot of information. >> a lot of information, george, and as we have talked so many times with these mass shootings, there is information out there about that he was going to do something like this. it may not be direct. he's going to be a key element. what was their relationship. did she drive him there? what does she know about the weapon he used? his background, are there other
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again, we don't know motive or what his philosophy might be but, yes, they have a lot of information they gained in ray shored period of time which is always fortunate if you can get your hands on the shooter early on. because that's where this started and work backwards combined with whatever information the hotel had on him. >> brad, the sheriff described the shooter as a lone wolf type. he used that -- those words right there. as brian ross was saying earlier, this kind of shooting, kind of into an open crowd like this had not been something that would have been tied to al qaeda or isis websites in the past. >> well, typically not but, george, again, both isis in particular al qaeda right there next to them, you know, they have these people that are inspired, that have really nothing directly to do with either organization that may have launched an attack. but you know, we'll
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these things get driven by an i'm angry at the world, i'm angry at country western music, my ex-girlfriend was down in the crowd. does not appear it was a targeted shooting of an individual but, again, you can either look at this in a big way or a very small way as to what the shooter's motive was, you know, was it religious, philosophical, was it personal. is there a mental health component. what kind of weapon was that? where did he get it? atf in the middle of that and maybe the trace will give them more information about the weapon and maybe more about him. >> presumably they'll be able to run that down relatively quickly since they identified the shooter and the roommate. want to bring in an eyewitness, seth bail also on the scene last night. tell us, seth, where you were, what you saw, what you heard as this unfolded. >> yeah, we were about, i don't know,
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main stage where jason aldean was performing and we heard several kind of series of pop, pop, pops in a row and, you know, as i said, i first thought it was bottle rockets going off. it it didn't sound like gunfire or anything overly loud. just a series of pops trying to near the speaker system so i was looking around. everybody ducking but a lot thought it was bottle rockets and we saw them yank the performers offstage and somebody in the middle of the crowd go down. people started screaming then we realized this was not any joke so we made a beeline for the east side of the -- eastern exit because it sounded like everything was coming from the west so we, you know, ran to the east as quickly as we could when we realized it was not a joke or any kind of practical joke
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from any of the victims? >> i saw somebody go down 30 to 40 feet from me. everybody kind of dove to the ground. hard to see who unfortunately got hit as opposed to who was a victim but somebody we could see definitely went down towards the middle of the crowd straight back then we saw them go do you so everybody near them drived to the ground as we kind of ran out toward the east and, again, i can't tell for sure. it appeared to be multiple victims kind of all around as we were running east and it was hard to tell who was hit and who was just ducking for cover understandably. but you could -- there was definitely blood all over the place and, you know, it was -- there was a tragic experience, i couldn't even begin to describe it honestly. >> we know that this area was surrounded by the hotel. you heard the shots from the
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west. could you tell from where exactly or did you not have a chance to see that? >> no, it was -- that would be complete speculation on my part to be honest with you. sounded like they were coming from the west. they were it sounded like it was near some kind of speaker system and, again, i really thought it was a bottle rocket and wasn't a loudz bang. it was just a series of pops in a row. probably at least five or six. bottle rockets but sounded like it was behind us. where mandalay bay was if you know -- >> we know the shooter was taken down on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. where was that -- where is that in relation to
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the concert floor. >> the other side. that is to the west behind us if you're looking at the stage from where i was. that's behind us to the west of las vegas boulevard. the whole thing was on the east side. if you're -- so the other side of las vegas boulevard, so it would be to the west and behind us so that would make sense given what we heard the shots would come from behind us across las vegas boulevard. i mean if i had to guess in terms of feet, you know, maybe if you run it maybe like 0.2 mile. >> 0.2 but again so we're not talking 100 to 200 feet. a fair amount of distance. >> yeah, it's definitely more than a couple hundred feet. it would take you, you know, it would take you at least a minute or two to cross las vegas boulevard and get to mandalay
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it's not like you could walk there in 30 seconds. at least a couple-minute walk. >> i heard from a previous eyewitness who thought the shooting was going on for well over a minute? >> it was longer than that but i know a shooting obviously surprisingly long. as i said there was, again, i'm guessing but at least five or six kind of series of pops in a row that sounded like to me -- that sounded like bottle rockets, sounded like mini firecrackers, didn't sound like crazy large gunshots. there was at least five or six and i would say absolutely lasted at least a minute. again, speculation but at least a minute for sure. your previous caller was absolutely right about that. >> seth, how big was your group? how many people did you go to the concert with? >> there was -- yeah, probably about seven or eight of us, most people are locals are friends of mine in vegas. i go back and forth between vegas and los angeles and i was with a lot of my friends
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there was about seven or eight of us and, you know, it was a lot of confusion, half of us thought as i said it was just some kind of fireworks. the other fell to the ground. immediately knew what was going on and took the rest of us a little bit to realize, as i said it was not some kind of prank by the speaker system but the real deal. >> are all your friends okay? >> everybody that i know is okay, thank god, thankfully, apparently a friend of a friend got hit but that's, again, un -- i can't confirm that. i don't know for sure. everybody i went to the concert with thankfully is okay so that's, you know, some kind of very, very small silver lining in this whole thing. >> we are glad you are okay. thank you for that information, seth. seth bayles on the scene just hours ago joined again by brian ross. brian, i will come to you in a second but play again that moment where the police took down the shooter. >> on the suspect's door.
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hallway to be aware of it. we need to pop it and see if we can have a response from this guy. see if he's in here or moved somewhere else. >> the audience on the 32nd floor, everyone in the hallway needs to move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> there you heard it right there, the explosion from the police, the police have now said there were no other explosions at all but we did learn an awful lot from sheriff joe lombardo moments ago. they believe this was the only suspect, the only shooter and know who he is. even though they're not telling us yet. >> they do have a name looking for an accomplice or companion of his at this point and they've got the license plate numbers of two different vehicles that could involve somebody who accompanied him or brought to the location. they can tell by the sound of the shooting, this was a fully automatic weapon. not a semi automatic but fully automatic weapon capable of shooting at full automatic about
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even each magazine contains about 30 rounds so the burst that we hear and the eyewitnesses have described to you this morning, suggest that he emptied a magazine, changed it and did it again. >> he was able to go on for quite some time. >> locked into his hotel room on the 32 floodwater floor spraying the crowd. >> they said he is a local individual. he had a roommate, marilu danley, they've described her as an asian woman, 4'11", 111 pounds and seem to be searching for her and have information on the background. his name has not been made public but, of course, are searching his background to see what they know about him. did he have issues with the hotels, with las vegas police. is he connected to any outside group. >> and they're being careful to say they don't have any positive information right now into the motive. >> it will take a while. it won't be long. >> brian ross.
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want to bring in brian claypool. were you in the concert. >> i was sitting in the front reof what you call the neon lounge, the vip section, and if jason aldean was looking out, we're toward the crowd, we would have been on his left side and initially i heard some pops i thought it might have been fireworks. i look up in the air. i don't see any fireworks, i get worried and eerie because jason hesitated. i'm thinking, wow, i'm worried about something and heard the shot and saw him drop his guitar and i was off running and then the shots -- it was assault rifle like and they went on -- i'm not kidding you, george -- it seemed like 10 to 15 seconds. i was laying on the ground in the aisle then there was a break and i ran down the steps and
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then a guy funneled 20 of us into a room. we were running north toward luxor and the police officer said go, get in this room and then i felt like -- there were like these six young -- i don't know. early 20s and they were crying. they were underneath and the thought of orlando being kind of held captive and i didn't want to die inside this little room with these girls. so we waited until another round of shots went and peeked out the front door and the guy said -- police officer screamed go now and then i rallied everybody out. i saw two people, two people shot. i just talked to -- finally got free out of there and someone from austin, texas, said
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in the general admission section of the little fence in front of us and general admission and young lady from simi valley, california, dead. i'm telling you, your life is fla flashing in front of you. >> sounds terrifying. brian, when you were in that little room, how far is that from the mandalay bay. >> george, by the way, i was staying -- i'm staying on the 24th floor and share the same elevator as this sniper. i guess he was on 32. i'm on 24. imagine that and another thing, i almost left the coppola early. i hate to talk about me but jake owen finished. i got an early flight to get back to l.a. and i thought for a split second -- george, the corner where that shooting started is the exact corner i walked across so i'm thinking i
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right near. that faces the mandalay bay. >> so you're saying, that corner was right beneath the mandalay bay? you're not suggesting the shooter started out on the street and then moved upstairs. >> no, no. okay, if you could picture this, from my room, i'm on the 24th floor, i got a las vegas strip view room, right, for this concert. i'm looking out of my room, i could -- it was eerie, i could see the whole stadium setup for the concert. you could see it. you could view it. i'm sure this guy, whoever he was on the 32nd floor. i don't even know what happened. did he shoot from the street or the room? he has a clear panoramic view of that entire stadium then you walk out the mandalay bay. there is a corner. you cross the street and that's one of the entrances right into the concert. that's where
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first gate which is where that vip section is on the left. that's where all -- that's where it all started. i don't know if he was on the street -- >> he was in the room in the 32nd floor clear shot down on the concert. >> absolutely, george. absolutely. in fact, let me tell you, i flew in saturday morn. i was only going to stay one night an was going to come back earlier today and decided to change it to tomorrow morn just to relax a little bit more and i remember early in the afternoon getting in my room and looking out there. this is just unbelievable. that's why i stayed. the view i had. he's looking out on the route 91 harvest festival. it's just a panoramic view. is guess it was just right to do what he did. then people are frantically running from there and
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shooter coming from there? then ran to the mgm and think the shooter is coming from there and over there and just -- i mean if you feel -- the feeling you get is completelessness. then you're wondering in your mind, is there enough law enforcement to handle this? man, those are courageous people, i don't know how they'll be able to fight this guy. it's just like -- >> how long was it before you knew you were safe? >> oh, george, i'm telling you, till about a half hour ago, a half hour ago. this shooting -- what time did the shooting start? >> 10:08. >> so about what time is it now, 2:00 a.m. my time in las vegas. so i'd say about a half hour ago is the first time i felt safe. you take from 10:08, okay, from 10:08 until a half hour ago,
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were killed but everybody i was with was worried about their life. didn't matter where you were, it didn't -- you didn't feel safe anywhere. >> your instinct as you said, your instinct was to run? >> my initial -- my initial instinct, my initial insaint was run then i get up in the front row and people -- here's the chilling part of it, george. people still didn't understand like when the shooting started that a shooting was happening. they were like in that frozen molt and i was like, oh, man, i'm like i hope these people don't get hit, right? i saw jason aldean drop his guitar and i'm like, i'm out of here, okay. i knew something was going down. and then i couldn't even get up the aisle. that's when the 15 seconds of assault rifle shooting occurred. i was pulling people down, get down, lay down. i felt
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bullets. i didn't get hit but i felt it. it felt like it was right next to me and i waited till it stopped. that's when i sprinted down the steps, that's when i saw a guy near the door open saying get in here because you're in the line where we were running was in the line of fire. get in this room and girls this there crying and just trying to keep people calm. trying to wait till the next round stopped. you know, i know you have kids. i think i met you. you met my little girl last year when i was in the studio. i've got ang 11-year-old girl then you're thinking about that. you know, i'm not going to be able to raise my daughter but the other part was like, no, i'm going to stay strong. i am not going to go down. what i decided was i'm not going to go down sitting in that room, okay, afc a temporary situation because i was thinking of orlando and those poor folks in there who were held hostage in there. and i'm like, that's not going
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the minute the shooting stopped i went up to the front of the door and the buy is like get everybody out of here. >> how long were the breaks? brian, how long were the breaks between the bursts of fire? >> i would say probably about a minute. not a big break. the first -- okay, the first round was the longest, george. it could have been more than 15 seconds. i'm not kidding you and i'm -- you know how people say, it sounded long about it wasn't. this was really long. okay. at least 15 seconds of just assault rifle shooting and then i say maybe a minute went by before i was able to get into this little dark little room like a little production room and then the shooting started again and then -- then there were two more rounds of shooting inside that room before -- before we took the chance -- we were taking a big chance. when we exit that room, george, we're next to the street
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contiguous to las vegas boulevard like we're right next to the fence which is right next to las vegas boulevard and right next to crossing the treat to the mandalay bay. we were not on the other side. we were right where it was happening. when we ran in the open we were fair game to being shot so it's like we had to just time it, take a risk -- a leap of faith and pray and just run. >> brian, i can only imagine the time slows down in a situation like that. >> yeah, right, it does and you break it down in your mind. when you're laying on the ground, you're pulling people down, you're -- at that moment i know it sounds like people say this all the time, but it absolutely does feel like an eternity like you're laying face down in an aisle imagine this laying in an aisle, you've got a child you want to raise and you got people next to you and people are not laying down and
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i got to tell you the scariest moment was standing up, standing up i had to make a move and i make a move to run and then i'm hearing shooting again and i see this little door like and then that's like -- that was like a blessing from god that that door was open and that guy was a hero. whoever that guy was, a hero getting people in there and then the time, george, the time went the slowest inside that room because that's when i -- that's when i felt the most like -- i was emotional. i was having major heart palpitations because of thinking about what happened in orlando. what he closes the door and what -- i don't know. you don't know. you don't know. you don't know whether they'll jump the fence. there's a small fence right there. what if they're right there and jump the fence? we're in the room and so it seemed like forever in that room. once we got out and started running then i felt like there was more of a hope we


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